Drifting R/C Car

HPI Racing Stage D Drift Cars *this is the original video, everyone else stole it from me* *if you want the HPI Stage-D Drift Conversion Set Nitro 3,(which is 180$ …

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39 Responses

  1. Francisco Javier Santana

    Éste es el pilotaje que me gusta porque es divertido

  2. Brian Westfield

    That is crazy fast! As much as I appreciate speed, I think electric drifting looks better. The speeds are slower so you can appreciate the driver skill more. It also looks more elegant imho compared to gas drifting.

  3. Eugene Collins

    he has skills but, what about that camera man lok

  4. mustafa karaagac

    Susun la yarraklar babaniz varken konusmayin

  5. Jordon Boring

    Such speed
    such car
    much amazing

  6. Jeremy Stevens

    Don't drift with your rc car it rhyme the tires and they cost 100 dollers

  7. James Semken

    If that was scaled up, Oh my gosh, that would be crazy speeds!

  8. Ashnarad

    what's the scale speed convertion for this rc car in mph???

  9. TheOfficialCatFx

    It's going too fast for me to tell but is that a s15?

  10. Avery Maitia

    In my opinion ppl who do rc are ppl who have good money or just good resources

  11. mini hoov

    In my opinion electric is better than nitro because of the cost of nitro as to charging a battery

  12. WeightPull ChAmP

    Is it me, or are the headlights randomly flashing throughout the video?

  13. chris lomas

    Put a Pulse Jet engine on. 5 lbs extra thrust

  14. Sc.Lime

    It sounds like an animal being attacked…..