Drifting Vs Rally Racing with Ken Block

One driver from each discipline tries their hand at being behind the wheel of the other’s ride. Can they translate their skills on the dirt or the asphalt? Featuring: …

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29 Responses

  1. Andy Terrazas

    music aint even loud the voice over its just stupid low

  2. Wh1teQueen

    yeh why do they even talk with that loud musik omg ;(

  3. Arctic Winter

    So. The point of this video is to play bad music with some moving pictures in the background?

  4. Jordan Asberry

    Lol I was about to say something about the music but every comment already addressed it

  5. MobbSparta

    Can't even hear what they're saying from the loud ass music.

  6. drifting1O1

    You just had to go and fuck this up with some dumb ass music.

  7. lot gendrala

    Rallying is more dangerous and risky. Try drifting with crests and bumps on a narrow road with trees waiting for you to hit

  8. Skyler Jr

    Might as well mute this video. No way to hear what they say. Audio is garbage and music is too loud. To top if all off the music was garbage too.

  9. Aquav Bronson

    Everybody Just shut the fuck up with the whole music thing

  10. alwcurlz

    Have a hard time hearing what they are saying with that music! Youtube should have an option to change music volume or mute it if the user uploads separate tracks?

  11. SlipStance

    Felt like I was at a concert trying to hear my friends speaking to me. Damn near impossible to hear what they're saying!

  12. Leva Roka

    Jeezzz didn't even watch for 1min cuz it's fucked up who's stupid enough to put music (That Loud) in a movie with a guy explaining (how,why,who) etc… the guy had to be really stupid to do a thing like dis…

  13. TheSamuraiApocalypse

    Whoever did the audio for this video just got fired.