Drifting with girl loose in car

Drifting a mustang with a girl loose in the car. Pass seat wasn’t bolted in nor were there any belts, she just wanted to come along for the ride. She was a fan of …

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45 Responses

  1. Vlad Pousini

    What dangerous move, always leave notice of a hazard #oh&srighthereunfortunatelylol ✌🏽️

  2. n00b ClipZ

    Y'all complaining about this shit are the same motherfuckers who took 30 minutes to finally decide not to go down the slide, turn around, and climb down the steps at the park as kids….

  3. Vasileios - I. Manavis

    Dude! Seriously! You got to have the seat bolted no matter what. Furthermore, racing seats and harnesses when drifting are a must.

  4. D Mars

    no matter how fast you drive your dick is still gonna be 3 inches so just slow the fuck down

  5. David Gleason

    so many people are gaging… rob wasn't driving, and we don't know if it was his idea. all it was, was his cameras.

  6. keltongta

    that is pretty fucked up. like telling her you dont have hiv, she wants to bang as long as its safe. no more of this shit!!

  7. Jon Harbour

    I can't imagine how the officials at this event allowed this jackass to put the girl's life in danger like that. He needs to be slapped with a crowbar. Couldn't watch to the end, too angry.

  8. cr500mike

    The look on her face is priceless !

    Should let her drive and let dude ride with her a lap.

  9. Dan Cormier

    No helmet in a caged car and no belts / seat not bolted in? Beyond unsafe, just insanely stupid.

  10. Aaron B

    Ah, it appears as though i may have misread. I only clicked cause I thought it said: "Drifting with loose girl in car."

  11. Eduardo Chavez

    that welding job as a roll cage is a joke, that can break at any moment. 

  12. Josh Berbrick

    what did a child weld that roll cage? this is just ridiculous

  13. DRH1982

    Well that was stupid. I have to think this is NOT the way you want to promote your race team/company brand. If I were the owner that driver and the person filming it would be gone.

  14. David Han

    Not the smartest thing to do since the car has a cage and her head could have gotten busted by the a-pillar bar

  15. Shaun

    Guys not smart she is not bolted in, she's sliding around and if something goes wrong there will be alot of people like the cops and coroners who are going to want know WHO thought this was a good idea. I like the channel but your street racing stuff, playing around with the cops and stuff like this gives all car enthusiasts a bad rep.