Roman hit me up with less than a day’s notice… We got the 240 and the Miata ready, threw the BMX bikes in, and met up in an abandoned lot for a good time!

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  1. Julia Drake


  2. snipecentralbaby

    I'd stretch that out every night damn

  3. LCRP

    I'm here with my two favorite people, Taylor and my 240 sx.

  4. sonicx568

    I actually skate at OSP alot so to see a youtuber going to a park im familiar with is awesome cause i acctually know whats going on and whats the obstacles are

  5. Hi Lol

    omfg romanatwood said at10:52 "that shit was so fun" whyyyyyyyyyyy roman your a role model to be good.

  6. Relixio

    i wanna see adam and the scotty cramer crew together

  7. Levente Brade

    Did Roman just said "That shit looked so fun what you've just did"?

  8. Lion Dance Alexxx

    Whenever Adam drifted his face looked 'mad'

  9. Dopeyy 77

    This guy can drift and box omfg I wish I was that talented

  10. jdmkid071

    I love your channel and romanatwoods as well especially that u design ur own bmx bikes that is awsome man and really clean 240. Keep doing what ur doing good stuff

  11. Claire Robinson

    Roman is the best youthuber 😎😎😎

  12. LYfeStudioz7

    "if you learned that easy, i definitely could" > "240 caught on fire"

  13. godofgaming 04

    Adam lz is one of the very few bloggers that isn't clickbait

  14. Florbs :3

    The blow off valves remind me of birds chirping in the morning 🙂

  15. Viper

    Is it just me or did the miata flame at 8:50? OMG I JUST WATCHED IT AGAIN AND IT FLAMED XD

  16. Okkes Patoglu

    "My car did so good!" WIFE HER NOW (if you haven't already)

  17. Giovanni Flores

    why do you talk so fast? lol do you do that beacause Roman made you nervous

  18. 21 gaming

    Have you ever seen ken block he is the best drifter in the world

  19. Alex Amico

    yo is this the girl from icarly ???????????

  20. adam2000civic

    gaaaaaaadddaaaaaaaammm adam!!!!!!!! that riding near the end was fuckin dopeeeee! you were landing so many things!!!!

  21. Argiris Gkoutziamanis

    did someone saw a fire on the exhaust of miata at 8:50?

  22. Logan .S

    Hey guys can u please sub to me I'm trying to get to 100 subs and I'm at 94 so please sub thanks if u subbed

  23. ShockingLemon 002

    She kinda looks like Jennette Mccurdy or is it just me?