Dubai Police Lamborghini, May 2013, Street Race Drifting Public Car Show

Lamborghini & Ferrari Drifting Public Car Show ————————————————————————————

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24 Responses

  1. edgardo brimon

    dubai crazy car only playing expensive only play plenty mony

  2. SebastianSosa1988

    im from germany and i saw more german and asian cars in italy than italians. only a group of 3 ferrari in calenzano near firenze. no lamborghini, no maserati nothing.

  3. justin Stanfirld

    Ever hear of American Muscle? Better burnouts… Supercars are meant for speed not retarded donuts

  4. Kira Moralejo

    That Lamborghini looks nowhere close to the Dubai Police Lamborghini. It only has a vinyl of a black shield…

  5. David Guan

    It would be ashamed if one of them hit that poor flower pot…

  6. Hakeem Mulholland

    I thought drifting was the art of going around a bend at high speeds, nose in, tail out. Are we missing something here? This ain't drifting, what a freaking disgrace. On the plus side, the cars are mad cool, especially the 288, 458, and Gallardo.

  7. Datsabucket

    those are power slides and bad ones super cars weren't made for that there made for speed

  8. banders77

    did not see any power sliding, just a bunch of donuts and fishtails