Enduro – Ass Whipping

SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO ▻▻▻ https://goo.gl/4hk9Hn ———————————————- This is Enduro KeX, really serious enduro, or eXtreme Enduro or even …

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28 Responses

  1. gaming with brenna

    i just love the random go home clips

  2. Snorre Palmstrom

    I'm going to an enduro school in two years, can't fucking wait. Riding a Gilera SMT 50 until then

  3. Teo 007

    what is the bike of the men that recorded the video? 350 or 450 cc?

  4. Robert Kühl

    Got myself a KTM 350 but I do not have nearly the balls these guys have.
    Love your videos.

  5. Lynda Arthur


  6. Виктория Федорова

    эл ектро стартера нет у вас там в финки?

  7. Dan Korm

    Теттая дела якбунтамби дыкатож

  8. Neexus

    POLAK 17milionów wyswietlen pod filmem JESTEM Z CIEBIE DUMNY! TAK DALEJ

  9. Ferkant

    What is the name of the motorcycle on which you ride?

  10. Anabelen Grossi Tornini

    está de muy mala la audición de youtube .sé cortan las canciones deberían arreglar eso.

  11. Miron Povoroti

    not bad, but not enough. Enduro is fun, it's like sleeping with a girl )🌈🛌