EPIC 62 CAR SMALL TIRE RACE for $20,000 !!! Redemption 6.0 No Prep

Full coverage of the 62 car Small Tire Shootout for $20000 at the Redemption 6.0 No Prep event at Tulsa Raceway Park. Includes some killer photo finishes that …

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23 Responses

  1. Yokes27

    Sooooo many close races at the stripe. Great event and vid by UBH

  2. ImFromDadeCounty.223

    awesome video. i wonder how many of those mustangs are actually "powered by ford" lol

  3. Kelly Boyd

    Damn, that big black Dodge is fast!! What is it.. Coronet/Roadrunner??
    That old '55 Chev was fast too… taking all those mega-bumpers off, probably dropped 500-600lbs! :))

  4. Matt Keller

    2 Chicago guys in the semi and final, if Boost12 would of made a pass it would of been interesting to see Hate tank and Boost12 race for a final.

  5. AZ Patriot

    Aww man… I really thought the Hate Tank was gonna pull it off… Great video.

  6. james sbftwin98's

    Bad ass video guys… much love for the small tires.

  7. wonderboy b

    when are you guys going to sell any more new dvds? or is everything just YouTube?