Erzberg Rodeo 2016 [Extreme Enduro] Crashes & Fails

XXII Erzberg Rodeo 2016 fails & crashes. This video contains fails from Rocket Ride, EnduroCross and Erzberg Rodeo 2016 main race.

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17 Responses

  1. Everything ForEveryone

    Ребята давайте взаимную подписку
    если что вам у меня понравится)

  2. Gamarharudin Haruddin

    I think very nice to look the mottorcross compition..
    but don't try at home..

  3. pghdave420

    lol dont buy any used bikes after this event lol.these guys are hardcore tho some crazy shit

  4. B Blair

    Erzberg is such a giant cluster fuck. Its amazing!
    With how bubble wrapped the world is becoming, events like this will probably be pretty hard to come by in another 25 years.

  5. Fabien White

    I would love to try some of those hill climbs one day!

  6. Pokoyo

    Most of them dont give a f**k about hold bike by legs -.-

  7. Solar Games -Madden Mobile & More

    a lot of these guys were doing well until… u know they fell