ETS Drift Car Build

ETS Drift car build. Insane project, beautiful story: Source: Facebook: …

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41 Responses

  1. andrew shannon

    awesome build but usually videos in a video are appreciated …

  2. MXrewind

    Front bumper pisses me off but that's fucken mean man Great work

  3. JNineBar

    absolutely stunning engineering. awesome build quality. top work.

  4. RotTube

    Can we get some more info on the KTM transformation in the background?

  5. Dankus Memus

    If I owned that car I probably wouldn't ever put the body on, that thing must be a rocketship!

  6. AlexGaming HD

    What model truck is that and is it available in America?

  7. Xavier Mccree

    got 1995 dx want make crazy corolla man what good way to start

  8. Андрей Попов

    мечтай строй гоняй ФИЛЬММММММММММММ
    this is carrrr

  9. Mario

    Would've looked way cooler as a old rat or stance style pick up not some ugly as fuck toyota.

  10. Ryan Schilling

    I love how it looks like a total sleeper put together. It's one of the most inventive drift builds I've ever seen.

  11. Bill Norman

    Very Awesome video but it would be really appreciated if you make videos instead of pics of gradual build 🙂

  12. MySTiK

    Not sure why you guys went with a SR but beautiful build lads. 🙂

  13. Monkey Wrench Cycles

    That is one of, if not the nicest, build I have ever seen!! How many thousands of hours of build time is in that?? Great job and Id love to see vids during the build explaining what your doing with setting up suspension, etc.