Explosive Drifting and JDM Car Show

Spring Action Day At Castle Combe Circuit – This VLOG consists of some sweet JDM Machines not that they were all jap cars there but A LOT, Drifters and …

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26 Responses

  1. Morgan Short

    yo i went castle combe aswell such an awsome day out, loved some of the cars there


    That s15 in the thumbnail is the one I've seen at squires cafe bar!

    Btw, What app/website do you use to edit your vids? I just adore the transitions!! 😍

  3. Kieran Holloway

    3:55 My dads mk2 escort on the right.. wide arch in Orange, has a st170 running on some bike carbs… a beast!

  4. PhippsGamingHD

    Roll district represent, Bristol based car group follow on Facebook, cheers for the showcase

  5. Gary Cornwell

    Get a Prius and rice the fuck out of it with a Duracell paint on it too lol

  6. Joel Kupiainen

    hey you should check out video where rs6 wins gtr and put in your video

  7. adrian danciu

    Hey try and get a Honda Civic and show us how a Civic needs to look How not be a RICER car (i drive an Alfa Romeo)

  8. Chris Dooley

    That jaguar drift car was awesome and the highlight for me

  9. curtis poole

    i saw that white nsx on the way to the shops, obviously I made inhuman sounds as I gasped for air in excitement