Extreme Enduro POV Race Through the City

Watch the best action from Extreme XL de Lagares: http://win.gs/1sRfPIJ Follow along from Ben Hemingway’s point of view as he goes head-to-head with …

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44 Responses

  1. Juan Pablo Garcia

    eeeee parece que el va corriendo en vez de la moto esta bien aguitado no mamen eso ques e cansa mas el

  2. Tapirus Sbrabous

    Que lugar de merda pra morar!
    What a shitty place to live in.

  3. Christoph Knaub

    wie geil ist das denn ich kauf mir jetzt ein Motocross und zieh in die Stadt :D

  4. RC DRONES: drones e quadcopters em portugues

    very hard fodas vai la vai :)

  5. Eduardo

    This is awesome… however they should race one at a time in order to promote competitivety

  6. Charlie Football

    They should base this on times:) you can't pass

  7. José Couto

    As Escadas do Barredo, no Centro Histórico do Porto.
    Melhor é Impossível.

  8. MotoMadman

    Insane control. 2 Thumbs up for your skills and balls. 

  9. xmotoAsiek

    It sucks, cuz even if the 1st one falls,. there's no place to pass him other than start straight… It should be not race but one guy run with the best time that counts.

  10. zerosonico

    Best. Commentary. Ever.
    On a track note: terrible in terms of "racing". the only overtaking point is where Lettenbichler passed Ben and that was it. It's just downhill… and uphill.

  11. Scott Strong

    This is a race?  I feel dumber for having watched this.