Extreme Motocross P~9 Poags Hole Hill Climb making it to the Top

Extreme Motocross Bikes are some of the best bikes to watch make it to the top of the hill … We loved getting the videos for you all to Enjoy and hope we get …

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25 Responses

  1. Mocking69

    こんなん上るの凄いわ!! 激上り坂を目の前にしたらヒルムわ(汗)

  2. Amélie Renoncule

    0631 EET
    Did not think, mon amour, that that horndog at 02:59 would ever make it! 💋‍

  3. Gabriel Pelem

    tienen mucha plata los wankees!! mira con las maquinas que juegan y aca en argentina con las 110cc

  4. Captain Everything

    I Seriously don't know how they can sit on the bike with out running over their giant BALLS! Something I couldn't do. But Great to watch. Thanks

  5. Анатолий Пинаев

    Хорошее видео можно смотреть

  6. Анатолий Пинаев

    Хорошее видео можно смотреть

  7. 410Walston

    they are actually know as hillclimb bikes not motocross bikes haha