Extreme Motocross Top Fuel Bikes from around the world. Poags Hole Hill Climb 2010

Thanks to poags Hole for letting us in to get the videos for you all to see.

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42 Responses

  1. Joe Williams

    Harold Waddell from Omaha, Nebaska was the last guy,he's been doing this all his life. the man with is his dad,who used to climb,I've taken great pleasure in watching and completing with him on local hills in MO

  2. vril thisc

    The last rider Climbed that hill LIKE A BULL OUT OF HELL!!! AWESOME )))

  3. Just rippin

    Wow the last guy was amazing love how he almost never let off the throttle SWEET !

  4. butt head


  5. ridewfo1

    Last rider was Harold Waddell on GSXR Suzuki, been riding since he was two years old. Look for him  at the next Poags Hole.

  6. peter horr

    it takes perfect strength, balance, timing, route to the top, constant adjustments per millisecond, overcoming fear and total mental focus to win this-besides a machine…

  7. Metal MX Gaming

    Well I mean the hill climb looks fun and j didn't mean it that way, what I meant was that they look different is all. 

  8. Metal MX Gaming

    this is stupid the bikes look like pieces of shit. i like the way the bikes look now


    That hill is dumb , jump two or three little ones then hit the big one how fucking dumb

  10. Baylee Bryson

    It's funny how the only guy that pushed his motorbike to the start made it

  11. Brennon Golding

    i like how the most tricked out bikes had the worst riders

  12. bren masl

    all of these bikes sound like frikin monster trucks!!!!!!

  13. rocknrollfrenchfries

    the screenshot for this video looks like a cameltoe… and i just had to click on it.

  14. TheMetalHead

    holy shit…that last dude just made it look easy compared to the other's!


    No balls ? Says the kid who sits behind a keyboard talking smack and being racist.

    Funniest thing is that you about to prove me right…

  16. Duffblue

    so you just push it off the mountain then? or do you try to ride down?

  17. a completely serious guy

    only two made it to the top and the rest had no balls

  18. a completely serious guy

    they are simply strong enough to not brake

  19. Duffblue

    how do you get your motorcycle down from the hill without breaking it when you lay it down? never ridden a dirtbike before.