Extreme motocross

these guys are insane.

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8 Responses

  1. Andreas Lindgren

    this isen´t extreme motocross this is more styling ? :S

  2. Joh Afdsf

    @coldstone525 he said "THESE guys are crazy" in da description

  3. Andres Garza

    @coldstone525 wait, in wich moment i say that the video is mine? i don´t know who do it in first place, so i only loaded again. sorry i will put a post that the video is not really mine ok?

  4. coldstone525

    dude you freakin copied off some other dude's shit. IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Andres Garza

    @ghostofchat77 yeah i know, its a little tired to watch all the video.. but thx 🙂