F1 2015 ONLINE CAREER : DRIFTING AN F1 CAR?!? (Race 2, Malaysia) w/ AR12 Crew

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45 Responses

  1. James Deegan

    Who else saw hamilton turn into sonic and race to the podium at super speed?

  2. AlexBuckSS56/ SuperAlex509

    If you want to know your car information press B.

  3. Red Wolf Gaming Red Wolf Gaming

    what does nick play this game on

  4. 04vkrivor i

    Can u make a Honda civic r sleeper in forza 6? Plz gimme a shoutout

  5. Dashiell Naidoo

    They complain about the ai when it's clearly their fault

  6. FelixTheCat v2

    I love how little they actually know about racing.

  7. Jerome Addy

    U got a punture and u just go really slow so u didn't break the game it's a problem for alot of people who play this game

  8. Mr Skipperz

    AR12 how much do you play F1 because your good at forza?
    Firstly, turn pit assist off. Second, turn on traction control. Finally, when your stuck in second you have a puncture. Just tips bro.

  9. TheEpicCrumpet

    Nick, your car felt broken, because it was. You had a punctured left rear, which I can only assume was caused by your encounter with vettel. Also, try being more gradual with your power delivery

  10. Adi McCarthy

    Nick you can turn on you'r bar for gas you can use rich oil to make you go faster nut you have to turn it on and the tires thing they have that you just don't have it turned on

  11. Relative Doughnut

    Why would you even think to upload this? I like your channel but the F1 videos are just painful to watch. Your lack of general/Formula 1 knowledge is embarrassing.

  12. Alfin R

    the reason you are sliding is because you are not using traction control and you just floor it instead of carefully increasing the power

  13. Count Fisco


  14. Gianluca Guida

    I can see that you guys are never watching f1😂
    You dont know nothing😂😂

  15. Husky

    AR should learn how to throttle control, he fucking floors it out of every corner ofcourse he is gonna slide all over the place…

  16. SloMo Hacker

    You had a fucking puncture,didn't you see the flat tyre?=)))there aren't glitches and your tyres were gone,you used them too much,you had to change them,that's why you had a puncture :))) And that's why you were sliding so much,too used tyres!

  17. Raijin X

    Lol nick. If you drive like that in the merc you'd still be crap 😛 Need to have this think called "throttle control", this involves not pumping the throttle like you're doing, and just generally being less lead footed 😛 Nice vid though 🙂

  18. Ed Were

    nick, you should upload this game more! it so fun to watch in my opinion! keep up the good work

  19. BLCKID

    ok about the pits, when entering the pits, the game takes control of your car therefore you cant steer or increase the speed (the pits have a speed limit) and probably break the game by crashing into everything then gives it back to you when you are out.

  20. Griffin Layhew

    Please stop uploading these, you are terrible.

  21. Robbie Dagg

    Nick u need to ease on throttle and not just slam on the throttle coz thats why u slide and lose grip

  22. TopShotta

    Poor Marco rofl.  He has been leading these races like a bauce and then something tragic happens!  lmao what a shame!

  23. TopShotta

    11:49 Formula Drift!  lmao.. That's what the highest form of US drifting competition is called!  rofl.  Formula D!  haha

  24. TopShotta

    Nick you're sliding so much cuz you're trying to floor the throttle in mid corner lol.  You have to gradually increase the power like on a real car, otherwise your tyres will break loose!  I know!  What a nightmare!  lmao

  25. Twixie rend

    Nick it is so Much easy When you use wheel an pedals

  26. DutchRacingLegend 13

    This is so unfair Marco uses Traction control ans stability Control and nick isnt so marco will always be faster