F1 Fernando Alonso Takes On MotoGP’s Marc Márquez

Epic on four wheels, equally epic on two. Drivers for the Formula 1 2016 season: Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel Kimi …

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10 Responses

  1. Randy Marsh

    Motorsport on 4 wheels or 2 wheels really is the same basic skills it's a sense of speed distance and grip if your good at one your going to be good at the other but of course you won't have that last half a second per lap from the finer details of the sport but'll you'll do well having already developing the basic skills to a high level. You don't forget how to judge speed and grip just because it's a bike , all the skills translate.

  2. tosgem

    I would be insanely curious to know what Alonso's times on some popular tracks are.
    Because clearly he looks very stiff, doesn't lean over much, and I suspect he hasn't even raced a motorcycle, and Marquez is cruising… BUT, but I suspect because of his other skills, sensitivity, he probably shits over many riders who've done track days all their lives. I'm just curious, would love to know.

  3. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

    wow u idiot twats expect marquez to be flat out? or alonso to race it like pro biker? jesus what is wrong with you guys

  4. jerryl davis

    it's tough for f1 drivers to switch to motogp whereas its simpler for motogp riders to switch to f1

  5. Gokul Puthiyedath

    Marquez is just cruising . Never fully leaned over .

  6. Kast van Ikea

    I would reccommend spreadding your vids out a bit bc new people maybe dont wanna get "spammed" with vids every 5 hours.
    Your channel looks great tho so just keep the enthousiasm high!!