Factory Xtreme Import Drag Racing

Some of the world’s quickest import drag cars go head to head at the 2012 Sport Compact Brisbane Jamboree featuring Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and …

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19 Responses

  1. Frank Mc3.

    its funny how they take an old prostock dodge stratus body & just change the headlights & call it a Toyota…..lmao

  2. Jace Wells

    rotary pro mods.

    i love human society…

  3. Fullboost

    Imports racing this week at the WinterNationals, Willowbank Raceway.

  4. owen oglesby

    A gtr dragster shouldn't be rwd they should be awd

  5. electricshockproof

    4 and 6 cylinder drag chassis cars. Not too much of these cars are still the imports they're supposed to resemble.

  6. helldog918

    damn, with these cats prowling out there, the american Import scene needs to be on alert, this has to be the fastest group of imoprts I've ever seen at 1 race WOW great vid


    you have any vids of my dads car or my brothers car sam sadek the godfather or simon sadek

  8. harrymerrett

    Wow the aussie sport compact scene has gotten crazy in the last few years!