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49 Responses

  1. Moe Searcy

    it might be a man's car Butt woman like it too😆😨

  2. D Manalang

    6:20, I'll buy the car! That guy is no sissy, the least expected person to enjoy the ride ended up being cool.

  3. TheSoulEater121

    The chubby man deffinetly wants a Mitsubishi now

  4. Aber nicht im ernst?

    This is a MAN´S CAR gaylord is crying like a little Bitch!!!!!!

  5. Lexi B

    we can drive guys honest, plus driving at 5 mph is very safe , especially if we cant find second gear.
    we will always get to our destination but just not on the day we had hoped lol

  6. Zahir Ahmad

    That white shirt, black glass Assh*** learned a lesson I guess, hahaha and that 'My girl friend blah blah don't even have one by now

  7. Jay A M

    This is a man's car you know! And I scream like a girl.

  8. cobra R

    man in comparison to those girls it's actually me who drive like a pussy.GOD please give me a lady like these ladies.

  9. Trend Asset Management

    Fuck Yeah!!! Go Girls!! What a cracking video! 😎👌👍👊

  10. Pvt lel

    was it the woman or the car making the screaming sounds?

  11. Mark Hermens

    what country is this recorded, never seen those license plates before?

  12. Klasifer

    I love the guy in the t-shirt in the second video, he is so chill.

  13. Stefan Margraf

    Way cool girls, good acting , too. Respect! Driving the shit out of the cars (not so easy with that suv without flippin). Less cool the boys, shame on you! (Beside of the one enjoying it). But the last blond failed to change the colours of the undertrousers of the guys….

  14. GillesBoutenfeu

    The idea of this prank seems nice at first until you realise its actually an ad for Mitsubitchi, Clio and Ford respectively

  15. Tofu Guy

    Good, there is no people around in mustang video…

  16. Clive Hancy

    Looks fake to me as there are no license plates on the car.

  17. Dimas Nogueira

    Alem de tudo a japinha da Phantom é uma gatinha!!!

  18. White Male

    Fucking around on a parking lot? You don't need to be a professional to do that.. just saying..

  19. Jay17

    LMFAO @ the wannabe alpha male at the start screaming like a baby

  20. Thomas Galaxy

    Une Clio rs pour faire du drift ? J'ai bien rit ^^ effectivement c'est dangereux de conduire une Clio… Pcq c'est une traction ! :')

  21. Collin

    This is faker than pornhub telling me that 3 miles away there is a milf who wants to fu*k me !

  22. JD Balboa

    I buy the car ! lol that dude was hilarious 😂

  23. cicciogrecia

    Obviously fake. Who has a driving test in a car with hundreds of horse power?

  24. Marko Stoiljkovic

    9:08 that laugh,hahahhahahahha,but he is shitting himself 😀