Falken Tire: Ultimate Dark Night RC Drifting

Falken Tire, HPI Racing, My Trick RC and Super G Drift Arena teamed up to create an epic 1:10 scale, four car tandem RC Drift video. Driving by: Akihito …

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44 Responses

  1. RabbitMan

    Hey super awsome in buyng on soon whit my own custom designe

  2. Bryce4556

    I spent my whole weekend looking for drift RC cars on every shopping site and I found nothing… Where do you get those!?

  3. นพคุณ แดงดีมาก


  4. JuanIce

    This is better then that bad dub step on all those Rc drift videos

  5. Kayo Gomes

    Olá quero compra um carro de drift so pra brincar em ksa msm esses ae tem a venda ? me ajudem nessa queria faz tempo tem um link eu loja desses carros?