Fast and Furious in Real Life 2! – Street Racing Fail & Win Compilation

Fast and Furious in Real Life! Crazy driving, streetracing, drift and insane driver compilation. Part 2.

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28 Responses


    those arent using car engines. they are using vacume cleaners XD

  2. Raptor Jesus

    I'm going to thumb down this video because of the way you portray mustangs.

  3. Erick Garcia

    These fuckin morons need to get off the streets asap before they cause a really bad accident

  4. Dxvid 14174

    3:22 (50 roll) as soon as that Pontiac went up, my eyebrows when up with it

  5. gtrst8727

    Video was going good till i saw that poor excuse of a president pop up

  6. Sergio Andrez Lugo Cruz

    The begening remid me a Porche that was in front of us and derepntly a Maclaren past to the left side of us like 79 mhp

  7. Talas

    The best part of the video were the crashes, I hope there are fatalities

  8. John Deer

    Jesse is good fuckin kid they need to know how to drive like that

  9. Rajmund Czeladka

    jeeee nou nou jeeeeeee grrr w rrrr fire CAR POWER FUCKIG SNOW