FAST and FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT – Final Race (Mustang vs 350Z) #1080HD

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) Last race between D.K. and Sean. Who loses leaves town. 1967 Ford Mustang / Skyline – Sean Boswell / Lucas …

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36 Responses

  1. I masturbate to doujins atleast once a day

    My favorite fast and furious movie, can't stop rewatching it


    please can someone comment about how much of a joke this race is?

  3. 神風の実況部屋



    4:17 why didn't dk keep his fuckin foot down rather than trying to make Sean hit the back of him


    that 350Z should have done that ancient mustang easy and of corse DK would fall of the edge wow

  6. RBCGaming- Vlogs and more!

    No way 350z lost to a car with just a stang body

  7. MrMoe111111

    I used to have 97 mustang gt and this brings back so many memories.

  8. Shabb3r

    This scene was just perfect – the visuals, BT's soundtrack, and them beautiful engine sounds.

  9. Thedeadlygamer

    don't judge me for thinking this but little rocket man is mad at trump for beating him in a race

  10. ultra retard

    everyone in comments section is a car guy talking about stuff idk while im just here enjoying the scene and having no knowledge about cars

  11. Lil' Legit

    Dodge Challenger could beat the 350z than using a Ford Mustang.