Fast Driving Girls – Sara Subaru Impreza Hillclimb II (V073) – High heels The model Sara drives very hard her Subaru Impreza STI for a hillclimb on mountain roads like a rally driver: just take a look to …

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21 Responses

  1. NoMore BlueBalls

    Amazing skills, sexy legs, nice car and beautiful landscapes.

  2. Jorge Erenesto Sanchez

    Asi con esos taquitos de agujero para ver los deditos se aprietan los pedales hembra divina.

  3. Pedal Pumping Lover

    I have no doubt that this is the best video on the site !!!
    It's amazing the perfect way with this woman drives !!!
    She's pilot? She has a lot of skill for a normal driver!
    A hug!

  4. Eamonn P

    I'm in love and she has the same Subie I got! Strut that girl!

  5. Alix

    I don't mind the driving skills there is always room to learn and she's doing good for someone wearing heels. But just one thing when you pull the handbrake PLEASE oh god PLEASE!!! Press the clutch pedal…

  6. Julien Bucci

    Terrible driving skills. oh my god shes so inexperienced. crossing over hands, hovering over the clutch. Not heeling toeing, left foot braking, letting go of the wheel, and she's pulled her ebrake for no reason, It defiantly was not a slide you c an tell, 0 countersteer.

  7. Motori che Passione

    Bel video io mi sono iscritto passa anche al mio canale se ti va =)

  8. uzzi_dani

    I love that Video Fast Driving Girls Good Work 🙂 plz Next Video Upload Tire Spinning..what Do You Say.??

  9. Emanuele Berti

    Complimenti non solo per la guida ma anche per la splendida abbronzatura!

  10. Jorgetango Sanchez

    Asi se aprietan los pedales,muy bien hembra.

  11. HudsonValleyGuyVideos


  12. roly7210

    Bravissima, piedini favolosi, pilota provetta!