Fast without fumes: Electric drag racing car

Tom Short shows off his 1972 Datsun 1200 electric drag racing car to The New Zealand Herald.

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7 Responses

  1. Javier Requejo

    the car need twin turbo nitrous nos turbo turbo

  2. Thiago Campos v8

    HELLO GOOD NIGHT , I montanto an electric drag here in Brazil to have fun with my friends , I would amprender more and fazr a battery pack that lasts , has a course or you could give me tips ? I buy the information , and some diagrams if you have . Thank await response .

  3. Alexander C

    Has this guy a YouTube channel? would love to follow the progress

  4. dan uphoff

    White zombie in the usa did it first. It is also a electric datsun 1200. And this is its stats.
    Best lithium ion powered ET 10.258 @ 123.79 mph! 
    (in the standing start NHRA timed 1/4 mile, per NEDRA) 
    1.58 sec. 60 ft. time, 0-60 in ~ 1.8 seconds, 1/8 mile ET 6.443 @ 108.63 mph!

    Highest 1/4 mile trap speed, 126.01 mph

    Highest 1/8 mile trap speed, 109.28 mph