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43 Responses

  1. Damian Toczek

    DIESEL cars should be banned from any sort of racing. This amount of Co2 what they put out is like 10 top fuel dragsters.

  2. กิตติพบ เบ็ญมาศ

    top full diesel Thailand 3000 cc
    7.4 s 400 m

  3. Nick el Maestro del Juego


  4. Nacho Merino

    just a tip: Breath enough fresh air before entering there

  5. Andreas Johnsson

    the fastest acceleration I've ever seen live was 0-250 mph in 6 sec so this is not that impressive 😂

  6. Dyfnaint Evans

    Sadly it still slow compared to funny cars 😂

  7. TheCybusterGundam

    This is why i regret living in Europe. Literally a car tax milking here.

  8. Mario Perger Racing

    the dislikes go to the enviornmentalists.

  9. Swoopey ツ

    Pretty cool, i wonder if they have an diesel drag motorcycles.

  10. Joshua Dotson

    The dragster is sweet. I'd have a tow hitch on the back so when I get done racing I can haul my truck back home

  11. dazza joseph

    cant see the race for that shit black smoke

  12. AutsajderRR

    those tractors shoud plow feilds not racing ;p

  13. krrrruptidsoless

    All inline sixes. Why not scavenge one of those eight cylinder 1200 HP cumming and start from there.

  14. Chase Ables

    All the birds that flew through the smoke are now crows😂

  15. ภาสวีระ จินณรงค์

    Do you know? In Thailand 4-cylinder engine 3000cc 6.8 sec.

  16. สุมณฑา อมรพิมล


  17. SoTexasLandman

    I bet our EPA just loves videos like this. Them there mosheens are rolling coal big time.

  18. Jacob Stoner

    I'll stick with turbo blue, you can see the car go down the track at Least lmao

  19. Florian Späth

    Ever thought of a connection between global warming and this fucking black smoke!?₩

  20. superhoggbike

    Notice there is no one in the stands. That is too bad, Drag racing is awesome,

  21. Beast

    Does they have like same kind of engines what the tractorbulling tractors has?

  22. Mark Titus

    Can anyone tell me what kind of torque these things make? I know it's huge but I don't know the number.