Ferrari 488 GTB vs 599XX – DRAG RACE! Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3: 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB vs 2010 Ferrari 599XX in a One Mile Drag Race. Stay tune to see who wins! The Ferrari 599XX can be unlocked in the …

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24 Responses

  1. hanno sie

    599xx, being a part of the xx program, should be beating cars such as the f12 tdf

  2. Gloria Monsalve

    Hey Eric, please doing a drag race betwen the Chevrolet Corvette c7 z06 and the Ferrari FF

  3. Ace Video makers

    Will you maybe please do some trucks in your drag races

  4. CarlRaven91

    Would you be doing a drag race between the 599 GTO and 599XX?

  5. Ethan Brumback

    i love that car so damn much! hopefully they add the evo at some point

  6. Le Anonymous

    Your videos are awesome dude i use your tunes they are very good!

  7. Mostain Mahmoud

    make a video of new ford gt and new nissan gtr
    v6 vs v6
    let's see which v6 is the no.1

  8. jensens cha arriaza

    Lamborghini veneno vs lykan hypersport vs pagani huayra

  9. Cross MKD

    That 488 has such a bad turbos idk what's the problem…I mean wtf