Ferrari 488 GTB VS Lamborghini Huracán Novitec Torado – DRAG RACE!

This video shows a insane yellow Lamborghini Huracán Novitec Torado drag racing against his riva Ferrari 488 GTB! Also a litle Revs Batle! Enjoy the video!

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22 Responses

  1. I n d o m á v e l !

    huracan has LESS power,is naturally aspirated engine and made the same lol btw,started faster,keeping on a long distance. 488 is biturbo.

  2. Ramgahan Ram

    Lamborghini Driver has late reaction !!

  3. Sage Guidry

    That Nissan look like a Japanese zero fighter from ww2

  4. Damidas 少年

    What's the point of shooting a drag race from the starting point? You can't see anything..

  5. Nellis Smith

    Ferrari driver can't drive! Ferrari bogged down after initial good start! Shit driver!

  6. De türk Vo zh

    The man say v12 power but the 488gtb has a v8


    That 2 cars is slow!! Nissan GT-R 2017 is more fast!