Ferrari vs GTR -crazy drag race, top speed and acceleration of supercars

2015 Ferrari Italia 458 takes on 2015 Nissan GTR, drag race, face to face,the best street race ever,load sport cars accelerate and close look around.One of the …

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7 Responses

  1. Yamayuki Rizky

    i think if the 458 use track tire can fast a few seconds

  2. iaMMykel

    Breh I knew the GTR would win in a race, but Ferrari gets the girls 😉 /wink wink 

  3. AllCoupedUp

    Higher trap speed by the Ferrari.  The GTR had better reaction time off the line.  Should have been closer, but thats drag racing.

  4. 京アニ大好き関西人 ガンダム&