Formula 1 comes to America! – Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas

Check out more moto action here Saddle up as the Red Bull Racing team and the F1 showcar gets chased by cowboys on the ranch and …

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29 Responses

  1. Southern wolf Productions

    First time I've accidentally seen bulls in a redbull video

  2. MadCarTK

    This was the first video I ever "liked" pretty cool huh?

  3. DACHIE!!

    Why does this car sound like a v10 even tho its a 2009 chassis

  4. Kgw100

    that F1 car driving on anything but road makes me cringe

  5. frigofflayhey

    I'm sorry but this is better than ken blocks gymkhana videos. all that dirt rocks and dust packing into the radiators and it still performed fine. no to mention it was done on slick tires.

  6. noahanddiinnoo _

    It's funny how the Cowboys tried to stop a f1 racing beast with a rope

  7. The Nuclear Fishcake

    Formula WRC. That's something that I'd like to see!

  8. FAYS HA

    and why the tires is really good in the terrain like that

  9. Manabozo

    that course would have been awesome with some mini's

  10. Guillaume Fracchia

    I think it's interesting and watching 20 racing on a track would be awesome

  11. Máté Ágoston

    Yeah, this is how F1 entertain the fans, because races are boring, haha!

  12. Alex77Carr

    sure F1 is a bad ass but when i do shit like this on my cbr in south texas i get shattered bones and a felony. guess i should have had a redbull