Formula Drift 2015 Round 6: Texas | Top 16 to Finals

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26 Responses

  1. King

    Wang and Daigo were the better drivers hands down. They both got robbed

  2. Xx _Gaming_Alex_xX

    Obviously Forrest wang has a Forrest paint and a big wang

  3. Jackson Rezende

    i couldn't understand. Can smne awnser me? They win if they get 1st place or they win if they make more drifts?

  4. Xx _Gaming_Alex_xX

    Forrest wang has a forest livery and a wang XD

  5. Max Ferguson

    This is so sick how the judges can say one more time haha I love it

  6. Benjamin L.betlu

    Is overtaking not allowed in a drift race

  7. Ges B

    Mad mike please come back with the rx7………………………… much better. mx5=0

  8. Kurt Moon

    This judging was a little questionable… Gushi totally had that in the bad in the final round, but Daigo definitely smoked Gushi… So I don't know.

  9. Ivory Leyva

    How many runs can they do with a set of tires before replacing?

  10. Дмитрий Зохан

    American drift – NOT drift! So mutch power and no skill

  11. TRichards66

    kearney won the first round by a mile.. wtf