Another day hanging out with friends at formula drift and watching them drift these insane builds around a oval track. Make sure to head over to your favorite …

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34 Responses

  1. Wacky Ninja

    If I had a nickel for every time someone V8 swapped a Silvia, I'd have A LOT of fucking nickles

  2. ChrisOnevia

    Yo @Caleb you better try to come to the Canadian event ! Im always chilling with Alec and Wang. Well Wang wont be there but still haha

  3. Tyler Nguyen

    so sad I won't see Forrest in FD this year 🙁

  4. Cam Learmonth

    Wheel survived? You weren't hooning enough then

  5. AyoPinks !

    Everyone is going to be watching Aasbo hard this year lmao

  6. just another kid 757

    lol keep it going buddy ..dont look at me like that

  7. Bald Vulture

    No wheels were endangered during the making of this video.

  8. kenny etenne

    Think its hot it Florida now just wait until summer.

  9. deuces roxy

    speak to us like the sports announcers do wen they are going around tha track give us your opinion. u need a be like " Chelsea taking tha lead, he flicks hard into the right corner, ohh nooo Ken block is going for tha pass Chelsea is just too slow for kens new rx7" somthin like that but all hyped up like the announcers do lol!

  10. deuces roxy

    that moment u realize the badass drift car your building isn't so badass after all.

  11. James Fleming

    Caleb new sub here This is an amazing video, Behind the scenes stuff love it,. Hot as balls in Florida by the look of it, certainly a unique perspective, Awesome how much access you have on the formula drift scene.

  12. Elfreshguy Gaming

    Caleb best decision to move to Florida best content ever keep it up man like the vid


    I need a mustang 😍. Love the car content keep it up man 👍

  14. More Skids

    miss you dog cant wait to root for you some day

  15. Gonza Loker

    Because of the thumbnail i think it was a video about today and was thinking how the fuck did he edited and uploaded this fast!!
    Hope you go all the FD events and cover them.

  16. soartothesky

    anyone want to fill me in if this is more power or more style or if its a mix of points and speed? I see two cars, take off, does the winner just win, or the winner has to have a better style and still get first? :/

  17. John Melchin

    welcome to the south! 144! known nate for years. stay sideways! R.I.P

  18. Lance M

    Reeder KILLED it! Great way to start it back up with a podium finish.