Forza 6 Online : BEST DRAG CARS!!! w/ AR12 Army

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36 Responses


    you should do a video in drag racing an f1 car and see how fast it is

  2. MartinDxt

    a vw beatle will do 8:27 wish if you engine swap and modify the crap out of it
    and tune it right

  3. FarmDefender !!!

    But the f1 is not a drag car it's a race car 😑

  4. Hunter McNeer

    You should do this again, with all maxed as high as they can go. See who wins then

  5. Sam D Kid

    i dont get it Forza use updated cars geez a gtr stock now does 10 sec, and when u put a race exahust on any car it does not look exactly like the stock one 1 dont want to se a 1 inch exauhst on my sleeper…

  6. Anime Sniper

    The difference about all of these is that the gtr may be the slowest but it's affordable

  7. Julian lopez amaya 098 lopez

    fastest drag car has to be the foxbody

  8. piehobo1

    If you tune the ford coupe '40 correctly with the v12 engine and you have manual clutch on test track it can consistently run 8.2-8.3

  9. Benjamin Weinberg

    +AR12Gaming BTW everything is cheaper than a Veneno. In real life a Veneno is $4.6m, and the only more expensive car is the Maybach Exelero at $8m.

  10. Shadownet

    Why do white guys talk so much? Can't you just shut your fucking trap.

  11. Please Ask Me If I Care.

    why did no one choose a Honda Civic if the Civic had a spoiler it'd finish the 1/4 mi. in 10 secs ez.

  12. Chiken

    alfa 33 stradale is the fastest drag car should of used it

  13. Matt Shmatt 1

    "Is there anything cheaper in front of it? No" I don't think you realise the veneno costs more than everything in this lobby….. It costs 4.5 million