Forza Horizon 3 : Car vs Train Gymkhana Challenge!!

Today we’re jumping in Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS RX and Challenging Forza Horizon 3’s Train. We’re doing a Drift Battle / Keep The Skill Points alive and a …

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25 Responses

  1. jack littler

    The highest I have gone 1 million skill points

  2. jakov bekavac

    you give a discount of 5 percent ain't that fuckin a lot ha you flaming flying dog rapist

  3. EliteStrike

    There are so many rare achievements in blizzard mountain, that you can think they aren't rare anymore?!
    Or Mabey AR12 is just good at it. Or should I say RAR12 (rare achievements rocks)….

  4. Jerod Carter

    You're really bald can you grow some hair and not shave it?

  5. Anthony Zabielski

    i got the blizzard mountain expansion but it wont let me use it how do i unlock it

  6. CraftingTwins

    I think you smoked your tires more than Richard Hammond in Episode 3 of The Grand Tour!

  7. Gavin Lee

    That car went from 130-0 in like a braking distance of like 30 ft

  8. Jasper Irvine

    And I love your vids of Forza and GTA 5 keep it up!


    I just want too see how much likes i get for nothing 😀 HAVE A NICE DAY

  10. Leo Thall

    You should do this online with your friends and each of you will get 1 try

  11. Flaros Oceanic

    Some dude in a GTR got 300'000 X16 points and he immediately braked to bank them, and a drivatar just smashed against him.

  12. CoolXer0

    Why don't you just use Anna to disband you convoys?

  13. Justin Felix

    do more video like this one and I will pout more thumbs up