Forza Horizon 3 | Dream Car Rentals | Road Trip, Drag Racing w/ Pagani, Koenigsegg, GTR & More

HRC Merchandise – For this video I wanted to bring back the “rentals” again, from Corvettes to …

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32 Responses

  1. faze sav

    This guy shifts way to early he is going 50mph but he is in 6 gear

  2. Michael Farmer-Fleming

    the only thing I don't like about this is the over broadcasted adds… keep up the good work my dude!

  3. Money Digger #2

    As always, amazing video. Keep up with the great work! Please respond, you never do!!

  4. zTHRAX. tv

    hey man can I join a meet sometime?? looking for someone to play fh3 w.. I'm super chill and down for whatever. just hmu

  5. Kolton Beilstein

    How to y'all find people to do that if anyone wants to do that with me message me on Xbox one my gamertag is. Kolt bruh4a

  6. dragon ball z super saiyan fighters

    why do gta 5 don't have these cars and why you can't free Rome

  7. Arksaone NYC (Arksa)

    Has any one ever contemplated adding Motorcycles to Forza Horizon?

  8. Alexis J . Rios Fernández

    who want to do a car meet in gta5 ps3 add me Zombi-Jomy

  9. Alex c

    OMFG i remember watching your gt6 vids haha good stuff making the channel grow

  10. Cory Ebbutt

    I'm sorry but how the fuck are you going to rent a Ferrari fxx k

  11. EverythingCars

    Where is the music at the start gone? I loved that bit before, and when u film the meet, the music has gone

  12. deadtrigger1595

    its like lookin at a group of fine girls then there's that one ugly fat girl(gtr)