Forza Horizon 3 Online : Best Drift Car Challenge!!

Ray and I are back looking for Forza Horizon 3’s Best Drift Car. We’re each bringing our favourite drift cars and putting them head to head to see who can build …

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35 Responses

  1. CR Smyth

    you can still drift a 4-wheeldrive car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you powerslide when coming out of the corner!!!!!!go watch car throttle

  2. Isaac Hiner

    The Merc gtr is going to be insanely hard to drift because it has 4 wheel steering


    Modded: bmw m4
    stock: corvette c7
    snow: bentley concept car

  4. And-Rue

    the Shelby that Raymond drove and my favorite drift car is an Infiniti Q60. try that car in another video

  5. JINX honeybadger

    My best drift car is the McLaren F1 and the Bugatti Veyron

  6. EnerGyZe CrIme

    Drifts an AWD Car and thunks he can drift ^^

    but hey ho

  7. Joshuafree321

    Nick's Silvia wins the best DRIFT car award and Ray's Cobra wins best POWERSLIDE car award

  8. Senan Gallagher

    Raymond was in a class drift car the minute they started they video. HE WAS IN A FUCKIN TWINCAM BOI!!!!!!!

  9. LiquidAtom

    Its not the car. The car is rarely the issue. Its the driver. Admit it.

  10. 2003iggy

    My favourite drift cars are both Mercs. The A45 AMG (maxed) and the 280SL