Forza Horizon 3 Online : Wheelie Drag Race Challenge!!

Let’s put Forza Horizon 3’s Best Wheelie car head to head with FH3’s Slowest car in a 1v1 drag race. Who will win? I hope you enjoy this Forza Horizon 3 …

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31 Responses

  1. DJKustoms

    Does anyone have Viagra? Apparently… I am having a hard time keeping it up.

  2. Casper Holm

    jeah. he is having trubble keeping it up. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN^^

  3. Andy2106

    Gasking should use this in the 'Can't touch this' compilation

  4. James Park

    I saw the dj customs do the endo in the other vid and I was like "Holy crap, this guy is insane, that is soo cool" then I watch this and I'm like how the literal fuck does he hold a wheelie for that long? Jesus. 🙂