Forza Horizon 3 : Used Police Car!! (Drifting Used Cars, Episode 5)

Today we’re drifting a Forza Horizon 3 Used Cop car we found on the auction house. We’re putting it head to head with our best Forza Horizon 3 Drift Cars to …

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25 Responses

  1. Christian Harrison

    How about used off-road drift cars = my own idea

  2. Daniel Dijkman

    how do you get that thing up that tells you youre camber and speed and boost thats at 3:52

  3. Devon Dubray

    that's my friends car he sent me a photo of ar12 getting the car ya he built if for cops and robbers

  4. Justin Moseley

    Ar12 pays people to drive in the game while he commentating over the game play

  5. Joe Prentice

    drift a used drift car… just a drift car, not something rediculous

  6. ivcars003

    If you are watching this with bass headphones I love you ! especially the outro song

  7. William Powell

    This was a really good vid! Great layout! liked how you tried to figure out what the car was about what it may have been used for ext… Nice vid! you should defiantly do more like this :)

  8. Corps1e

    Toyota Celica FWD Drifting 😀 I can do it in my Celica irl haha it's strange to learn but it's fun!!!!

  9. Dale Smart

    Bunch of people were telling me my nypd design got into a video, wellll it sure did. WaterlooRegion #Vynalking lol thats pretty cool, Id like some royalties

  10. Sven Caron

    Isnt the speed of the cars in horizon a little bit unrealistic?