Forza Horizon 3: World’s Greatest Drag Race! F12, Audi R8, GT-R, 570S, NSX & More!

Forza Horzon 3 World’s Greatest Drag Race featuring some of the fastest Supercars, Muscle cars and Sport Cars from 2015/2016. Inspired by Motor Trends …

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21 Responses

  1. AssassinCred15

    Next race Veneno vs lykan hypersport vs Ferrari f12 vs Mclaren 650s or LT

  2. Scott Beckman

    I think I found evidence of Porsche being added to the game.If anyone wants to check please go to the Black Friday forzathon screen with all the activities and look at the grey car on the far left.

  3. Adil Shaikh

    i give 70 million in horizon 3 for 70$ and can give 50 million for 60$ u just buy me xbox live gift card and i can give you the money through the auction house

  4. Bar Goldstein

    Downforce is bad for drag racing. you should remove downforce before the drag race

  5. Mathumbo Caroline

    i wish you could make this drag a 1/4 mile…but thanks

  6. Ahmad Galal

    The drag races in Forza Motorsport are better for some reason

  7. Cake Doge

    If you can do it make the older World's Greatest Drag Races like 5th or 4th or 3rd . 2nd and 1st may be old for FH3