Freestyle Motocross Crashes Compilation #1

Hello friends; With parts that are not the X Games and X-Fighters. Retirados do Youtube . Removed from Youtube David kinght , js7,alfredo gomez, yaung Wade, …

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17 Responses

  1. Logan A

    the first snowmobile crash was Caleb Moore, he died one week after this crash in the hospital. his brother Colten over rotated a flip in the same competition and shattered his pelvis

  2. Ab3Th3Mud0k0n12

    Yo the dude that biffed it on the snowmobile and then tried to get back up and hop back on but stopped by the medics, respect.

  3. Temm

    This is where Jev comes in. "BOOM! He's dead! SAVE THIS MAN!"