Full Interior in a Caged Drift Car!

With the car back from paint we try to slap together as much of the interior as possible before the night drift event. Also ft. some 1000hp e46 drifting madness with …

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20 Responses

  1. Your Grandpa

    You should say that your car is almost beautiful…Treat your wife better.

  2. Rowan Anderson

    Adam, you seem so much more at peace and content. this video illustrated so many good vibes, true friendships, legal and safe fun, what it looks like on the other side of the lense. I like seeing true unscheduled and real footage. like where the channel heading…

  3. Cranee

    you got a thrustmaster! NICE !Tell SLAP to make a drift video with you ;)

  4. Gaming With Da Boss

    yes he sould get a mazda rx7 with 4 rotater

  5. kevstaycoolin

    no but really I think he should just build a clean miata and buy another car for drifting