Full Race MotoGP Phillip island Australian 2017

Jangan Lupa Subscribe/Berlangganan Biar Kalian Selalu Update Tentang MotoGP https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHUau4Z2hLXaTxpl-3s91Q.

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  1. Bagus Putut

    Aku pernah upload video motogp assen 2017,full race tnpa potongan & full hd 720p.tp setelah satu hari videony diblock sm pihak dorna sport…

  2. Valkyrie #46

    Fuck Marquez, he is a dirty bastard, he got rid of Stoner from Honda because Stoner was faster. Marquez demands Dani again and again as a team mate. While Rossi gets the fastest most consistent team mates and everyone gives Rossi stick if he looses. While Marquez gets Dani year in year out, Dani can be fast but not consistent. Marquez is Pathetic.


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