FULL RUN – Travis Pastrana’s rally hillclimb up Mt. Washington

Check out Pastrana’s long list of skills here http://win.gs/MqRtU7 The 7.6-mile-long Mt. Washington Road is lined with trees, drop-offs, and winds on the way to …

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29 Responses

  1. Braadkuiken

    the helicopter view is quite deceiving, it makes it look like it isn't that fast….

  2. Mark Curran

    I've driven up there. I like going fast in my car, but 35mph was my max up there. This dude is insane!

  3. Stephanie M

    Holy shit, I had chest pain watching this..these men have balls of steel!

  4. Bruno Martins

    + 100 right over – long tightens 50 left long – +!

  5. JK Mullins

    If only mount Mitchell had a hill climb. Tallest in Appalachia


    Should check out the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The elevation at the start of the course is at over 6,000 feet!

  7. Brodie Grylls

    Tra is pastrami is awesome rally car racing is awesome I'm in the good place of youtube

  8. wilsonmsan

    I wish my drive up the mountain was this clear. It was cold, foggy, windy and had mix precipitation. It was a great drive, but not fun to drive in that .

  9. Yo The guy

    Travis Pastrana once underwent surgery to remove a thirty-four pound, seven inch wide tumor, but then the surgeons got in there and realized it was just his adrenal gland.

  10. Phil Northall

    Did this drive a couple of years ago, though not quite as fast, but It's a must do for anyone who's touring in the area. The high point in every sense of my trip round New England.

  11. Roxanne Gordon

    I've seen this video twice now and still shake my head: why? I have climbed up this mountain a few times on various trails. That was an amazing experience that I will repeat. Drive a car? Forget it. Doesn't compute!

  12. youreallthesame

    All in favor of bombarding the Dirt Rally website to put the Mt. Washington Road into the game. Here ye here ye!!

  13. mustafamufasa

    I've never seen rally before. that was insanely fast. just amazing.

  14. Oli D.

    Climbing Mt. Washington is gnarly even driving at 25mph. Anybody who has done it and sees this video knows it take balls of steel and huge faith in your skills, co-pilot and machine to do it this fast.

  15. Ryley Hayes

    As a Vermonter, that license plate as they go up a mountain in New Hampshire just kind of tickles me.

  16. Derek Macdonald

    i just drove this for the first time yesterday. that road is insane to drive, once i got past the tree line and got to dirt i was freaking out. racing this INSANE. going down kills your brakes and its good to do those brake cool down areas. i wish i brought my heat gun

  17. mssmmgnn

    The central part, on dirt – and without barriers! – is quite scary, at that speed… a little mistake, and somebody'll have to pick up them with a spoon…!

  18. 241Pizza

    Listening to the co driver talk is like listening to someone talk in another language

  19. xXfresh12Xx

    It's funny seeing comments "can't he go faster?" Dude is going 65+ the whole damn time. If that's not fast in a mt. Let's see you do it in your civic lol