Funny And Scary Dirtbike Fails

Part Two is now available Thankyou so much to all of you for liking, viewing and sharing this video. Some of the …

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34 Responses

  1. OutDoorSports420

    idk if I'm right but isn't the 1st one Derek hallman

  2. Hayden Pigage

    that kid in the blue hoodie is the worst dirt biker

  3. ROBLOXGames

    0:53 when that dude tried to fall off how did he not fall of did he balance or somethin like im just saying im not trying to be mean here

  4. Steven Pickens

    I would cry my eyes out if my dirt bike ended up destroyed like some of these

  5. historicrace finland sunbeam imp 900

    toss kohast 1:38 o anttttii pentikaineee xD :D

  6. Fredrik Jenssen (Yolokiller1994)

    Can i use your video in my new viedeo?

  7. Kullen Burgess975

    Guys check my channel out!! help me out and sub