Funny Rally Onboard – Samir…You’re breaking the car!

Samir needs to concentrate 😀 Don’t forget to share and like!

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26 Responses

  1. cage freeEthin46

    this how long time ago before gps was exist

  2. Kehoe Rally Videos

    It's the co-drivers fault he's calling the notes to late

  3. Andy Cigars

    Your Uber driver will be at your destination in 2 min.

    You Uber driver is Samir.

    Oh shit.

  4. Matt Cecil

    Wouldn't he be annoying to listen to as a co driver

  5. sbn025

    This is up there with the classics!
    Sammy turn the "bill"!
    -Arghhh shut up, yeahh!

  6. Reverie Planetarian

    When racing magazines call the relationship between rally driver and co-driver like being a married couple, I doubt this is what they had in mind…

  7. chrisz5z

    just give the navigation calls!! ……all the other noise your spitting isn't helping your driver lol

  8. Christopher Robin

    When you have to tell your driver to "turn the wheel"…

  9. Ahmad Fauzan Perdana


  10. BIG Dave

    "SAMIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Dies of heart attack
    Samir: Shut up