FY RACING – Oregon Trail Rally 2014

Check out all the highlights from Oregon Trail Rally 2014. We all had an amazing couple weeks at this event, its awesome to see all our hard work starting to pay …

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    Americans are still some of the worst rally drivers in the world. Keep out of the WRC please

  2. Jesse Miller

    Shocking that Oregon actually allows this kind of race. Oregon is known as a tree hugging, hippy smelling, save the earth point of view.

  3. Vairon Alonso

    hope one day to rally with you guys all of you and your team is awesome have fun and stay safe bros 🙂

  4. Paul Morrison

    No one else see the flying Subaru with a popped tire on the rear at 09:42? Lol, Good job guys nice video.

  5. Fred Flintstone

    dudeeee you guys need to get sponsored by a droid company so we can see more of the race!!!

  6. Dane69union

    I love rally driving and I wanna be a rally driver when I grow up and awesome getting 3rd place

  7. Dustin Backhus

    Awesome video. Love to watch some rally racing, and you guys seem like a super rad bunch. Would love to go to some events. On a total side note, and I know that someone else has already asked, but what song is playing at 9:08?

  8. Ricky Sexton

    we need this in Ohio because we get snow rain and shitty weather you guys race in

  9. Iz L

    your crew seems like it has some awesome chemistry. major kudos to your editor/cameraman, a couple of those shots gave me goosebumps and I never lost interest. tier above your average rally vid, subbed!

  10. ithepatrick

    Roadkill should do a rally race with the general mayhem, or whatever junker they can find and "fix" well enough to race!

  11. Olympus Offroad


    Rock on guys. We Race Ultra4 so we feel the pain of lack of coverage however its time for some growth! Rally is in our future and we look forward to promoting the sport. Its Time American racing took off!!

  12. nathan gaona

    I reallly wich i can finsh college faster i want to do this for a living 🙁 i would even join these people .-.

  13. Donald Smartt

    Yeah rally is definetly not as popular in America as it is in Europe which is a shame truly.

  14. ethereal883

    I'll get an FY tattoo… Love you guys, can't wait to see you here in Oregon next month 🙂 As always, great vid

  15. Joe Loutzenhiser

    Excellent photography and production.  As an Oregonian and a rally fan, I say thanks!

  16. Th3HolyMoose

    I love your videos so fucking much. It's rally and super much fun besides it! Love it!

  17. kdknitro

    agreed, this is enterainment. Keep it up guys, i would so love to so see a rally.

  18. Bazookafied

    Really enjoying these recent videos from you guys.  Keep up the great work behind the wheel and behind the reel!!

  19. Double Ledson

    Awesome… Great video too… If you could let us know what songs you guys used in this vid I'd be very greatful.


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