Girl on Girl BATTLE – 600+ hp Street Cars!

It’s not often you see girls racing at the drag strip, let alone driving these LSx BEASTS! We setup a race between Jessica’s C7 Z06 and Shelby’s CTS-V! (both …

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49 Responses

  1. thomas doherty

    "is it auto ?" "yeah" "sweet" loool

  2. Metatron

    nice vid , but personally prefer drag races in cars with manual trans …

  3. Steel

    Look at women getting along cus they know a race is friendly thing, men acting like bitches on their period in the comment section. Damn shame

  4. Miguel Alcantara

    She be like shut your mouth already and let's race

  5. Adante and friends

    i love racer and fast girls i want a girl that like that when im teen or adult

  6. Michael De Santa

    Damn, you guys are real pieces of work with your comments. Just shameful and embarrassing!!

  7. Cr4zy Goose

    point of drag racing automatics is?… ah well.. blonde in a blue vette is a nice sight atleast lol

  8. 2amProFilms

    2:00 boy she sure is skilled at driving that Z06……. "I'm gonna hit the gas peddle and go forward!"

  9. Brendan McCarthy

    Dude… Who gives a flying fuck about where you put your hands on the steering wheel! Jeezes it's like she's going to be a whole second faster if she put her hands on the steering "correctly"… Guys drop your fucking ego.. And pride over this hobby and sport. It doesn't matter one bit where she puts her hand on the steering wheel. It's a auto and she's not using the paddle shifters. GTFO and get over yourselfs. Wanna be trolls

  10. scdevon

    "I've never done this before"…………….
    ("I'm only driving one of the fastest production cars of all time with performance modifications")
    I was hoping the Caddy would win. At least that girl with the Caddy was a gear head and knew her car.

  11. dick johnson

    that blonde was pretty stuck up it seems

  12. I am your father !

    c7 driver is not even Q, yet still stuck up, typical trashy white girl.

  13. Brandon Hammons

    That blonde is so boring, I've had better conversations with my dick.

  14. aaron monke

    btw no need to burn up street tires

  15. Mark15278

    The girl in the vette must have floored the gas! I bet with a manual she'd lose

  16. Mark15278

    If u wanna win any drag race against car, the zo6 c7 AUTOMATIC is the WAY TO GO!!!!!!

  17. ANDY1592

    It's funny how someone who don't know shit in an auto wins a race and you monkeys say she's faster. The vette might as well drove itself.

  18. Cam Mcleod-Gartner

    there's two types of women in this world….-.-

  19. Ainsley Harriott

    i hate when a see a bmw m3 mustang or a camaro or any sport car that its driven by a girl that doesnt know a heck about cars

  20. Ahmad Yaseen

    any car girls here???kik me hamody_chat

  21. Klein Le

    Jessica Barton you dumb fucks. She knows what she's doing…

  22. Bubba Spider Man

    She wouldn't have even known how to spin the tires if she doesn't know what she was doing and a 10.84 and a C7?

  23. BentlyBo4

    Man that looked painful interviewing the blonde. Too bad she can't buy personality.

  24. Keith Keiths

    this makes me not want to get a caddy now.

  25. tfs2O3

    I have never seen a laundry room run 10.80s,hmmmmm? Im confused.

  26. James Newstead

    She was pretending to be stupid, watch the end of the video, and that pass was clean.

  27. Lpatierno84

    You shake hands with your right hand….

  28. Hugo38481

    Any body else notice what looked like a hellcat on drag tires at 0:13 😦

  29. rs cosworth

    Dumb blonde knew jack shit at least the other girl knew what she was on about

  30. Big Lou

    Would love to see Jessica Barton battle these 2 chicks as well lol

  31. Anders Kristensen

    This is not really what I had in mind when I search the internet for Girl on Girl.

  32. BACNandEGGS

    Nothing is less attractive than woman who is disinterested. Second chick FTW

  33. Cody Petrowsky

    That vette is fast but its butt ass ugly.

  34. Zach Smith

    So much cringe…. Still a great video nonetheless.