Girl Reactions to the CRAZY BMW 540i 500HP – Drifting

Reactions Sexy Girl in the BMW 540i drift.

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31 Responses

  1. WaltherPPX

    Wow, the same YT video has a caption of father and daughter drifting in a 900 HP GTR. All total BS…

  2. guestplace

    How is this girl? Is there any other her video?

  3. Rafael Munoz Urdiales

    ¿donde están los cinturones de seguridad?

  4. Rick Ferrier

    How come the first thing everybody notices it that they don't have a seat belt on and YouTube allows this to keep being showed way to promote safety guys

  5. steve ford

    I hope she is 18 cause I feel the the same reaction looking at her as she does in the car……

  6. bleachinuri

    that look on her face, you know that pussy is wet as fuck, you could pull her panties of throw them against the wall and they would stick

  7. stokehaunted

    no seatbelt U PRICK saw a lot of handbreak turns no drifting

  8. David Mason

    buys 2 race seats but only 1 harness?? also only about a minute and a half of girl reactions

  9. Pavel Danda

    You do not need a seat belt G-force will hold y in your seat 😉

  10. Novák Szabolcs

    which 340i has 500hp ? or its turbo or supercharged becouse i cant hear that ohh and thyt girl is hot af

  11. raden zoelverdi tri harimurti

    hei dude…. its so danger…use seat belt…

  12. garethininverness

    once again another slag in a car with a cunt showing off,no seatbelts……wankers.

  13. Fuzz944

    No harness WTF!!!. Go kill yourself if you like but don't do that with other peoples lives!!


    where is seatbelts,helmets and roll cage???

  15. Wicked Crispy

    Pretty sure that dude tried to sell me a car in Tacoma.

  16. Morgan Freeman

    No seat belts? I hope she won't mind pulling her teeth out of the front windshield….followed by all the glass out of her face.

  17. humanoidedc

    La chica sopla como si estuviera de parto !! jajajajajaja