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20 Responses

  1. Claudelu Delu

    Where i can fin you,i'll marry you ..
    Can any1 tell blue car name,at start ….i mean it's nissan s13 but 180/200/240.. witch one.. …looks so awesome pfff

  2. Aftab Saraf

    Someone tell me the name of the girl on 1:22
    would be a great help. Thanks.

  3. conner baldwin

    my type totally, and people say girls can't race, that's crap

  4. DeShawn Shinette

    Nothing like bangin on the rev limiter and hearing the blowoff valve squeal……All that with a nice soundtrack laid over this video. Good work!

  5. Metatron

    I'm in loooooove ;] , I'll like to find woman like these women ;]

  6. Nick Series

    The girls this NcCrullex dork showed getting into the cars are not the girls drifting the cars. The ones you see drifting are either extremely asian,overweight or/and haggard. nice try tho, ill be sure to ignore things from this channel.

  7. Gravecb7 Accord

    These girls are driving a manual stick shift car while we have faggots driving dual clutch and Automatic cars looking like a fairy waiting to be fuck in the asshole


    if i found a girl that can drift. i'd marry her. cause (1) i like girls (2) i like cars and (3) i like drifters.

  9. RebelGames Entertainment

    "Girls drifting street cars" First clip in a rally spec subaru…