Girl’s reaction to 500 hp Porsche GT3 RS racecar – Go behind the scenes with Bobby Ralston and a fleet of Porsche GT Cup cars at Sebring International and witness the complete …

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36 Responses

  1. Der Preuße

    We germans dont nees to talk we.just let u r cars talking to the bitches like u can see

  2. Stephen Tarpley

    Too many f-ing commercials, I understand commerce but damn!  Skipping ahead after watching a commercial only starts another one. Ill never be back to see any of your videos! Have fun…

  3. Wernher Kurz

    its a stock gt3 996 with the girl on board… no gt3 cup or gt3 rs

  4. woodledog

    Why do people feel the need to make these dumbass videos with screeching twunts in the passenger seat?

  5. flanxe Gameure

    Ok the car is nice supper but why allways the drivers are so uggly with sexy girls xaxa no im joking bro gg !

  6. Kelvin c

    where is the guy in the beginning of the video from has he been on TV or something because his face looks really familiar 

  7. Joe D

    How do you know what gear to downshift into? Downshifting is always confusing for me.

  8. Charles Cobb

    when the mechanic of the racecar says "i think we have some zip ties" shortly after someone says oh shit. 

  9. Felix Rodriguez

    Did he say super charger on the s2000 .. facepalm

  10. Andrew Severage

    Helen Keller would have shown more enthusiasm than that girl….

  11. diceryuri

    my tracks wouldnt let us go out in shorts, let alone a belly shirt haha. but i guess its like a million degrees there

  12. Arthur Sperotto

    Awesome! Was that a regular track day?

  13. Jesse Luna

    Wish I worked with VSR, oh well, still a great video bro, a great fan of yours. 

  14. donna fahie

    Great video, Michael!! 🙂 Thanks for letting me be apart of it!

  15. nextrider123

    mmmm them straight cut gears in that dogbox 😀

  16. nextrider123

    david tuaty owner of TLM racing in florida will be at mid ohio saturday and sunday along with shea holbrook in the tc3 class 😀