GoPro Awards: Rally Car Testing in Snow

Join Driver Danila Belokons and Co-driver Toms Freibergs in a Ford Fiesta R2T Testing during Winter, Driving on the edge through a tight snow covered forrest.

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40 Responses

  1. Thunderbug 101

    and that one guy with his hieroglyphic notebook sitting next to him.

  2. Hillary Clinton

    When there's a blizzard outside but she say she home alone


    Taxi's should start using GoPro's to record their antics in the cities too

  4. Speedy 9771

    If you can't tell by my profile I'm a car guy I also like GoPros, so this is amazing 😀🎥🏎

  5. Thaddeus Abraham Along

    Is the guy beside him the guide to the course??

  6. Devin

    Why is he shifting with the clutch in a sequential setup. I though you were supposed to just click it up or down for each consecutive gear.

  7. Akimov Anton

    Мне кажется в этом лесу дорога лучше чем в моём городе

  8. Hugooo35

    Бля, страшновато на это смотреть!

  9. Gian Alaba

    am i the only who's watching the video so nervous thinking they will crash. haha… nice vid anyway.

  10. Данила Белоконь

    You can find me on facebook or youtube for more rally onboards!:)

  11. NeonsStyle

    You should've set the exposure for outside, and added driver/naviagor comms. All this shows is a wheel going left and right, everything outside is over exposed. Lost opportunity. A case of the director getting in the way of the subject he's shooting.

  12. bokeflo

    Gotta Love a Nice Afternoon Drive Along a Winding Snow Covered Road. Gotta Love GoPro 🙂

  13. William Søby Fosser

    I got a problem where when I film for too long the GoPro stops revording, Im using a GoPro Hero 4 Session Adveture..

  14. Scourdej

    i played the dirt 3 carreer twice with the wheel it wasnt so terrifiying to watch for me haha. would love to sit in that car if i could just enjoy and not read roadmaps