GoPro: Enduro MX Racing the Back Alleys of Portugal with Jonny Walker – Extreme XL Lagares

Jonny Walker takes on the grueling course of the Extreme XL Lagares, in Portugal. Not one to back down to a challenge, follow Jonny as he tackles the rugged …

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42 Responses

  1. soundzRinmygarden

    It looks like a dirt bike version of the Isle of Man TT

  2. AmericanLunitic 383

    I imagine for this you need really soft suspension

  3. Napong Tongcum

    แค่ดูก็เมื่อยแทนแระ!! ^__^b


    did the one guy realy think he has to help the bike getting up the stairs ? what a …..

  5. Simon Howes

    Less over taking than formula 1. Who ever wins the first corner wins the race.

  6. N S

    This is how Amazon expect you to deliver parcels but with vans

  7. RyanHigginsMLG

    Wtf I never heard of enduro mx this is 🔥

  8. Nicolas Karlezi

    Nice edit ! watch my latest edit and tell me what do u think !

  9. xxXXDragonSlayer69XXxx

    This looks like a chase scene from a mission impossible movie or a bond movie!

  10. Sparryax

    What! This is a sport? I do this every morning to get to work.

  11. Ek Seiter

    I'm doing this everyday on my way to school.

  12. Charlotte Lindberg

    2:07 i like how the guy thinks he helps by pushing their front fender hahah

  13. Felix Pichler

    whenever i watch this i think poor tires

  14. Марат Пакалов

    ролик супер. адреналин

  15. David Hauzel

    the people watching are really brave too, they could get knocked over so easily

  16. kenny moyer

    inspired by bond movie or other way round?

  17. Moe Cruz

    Has no one noticed…? This is Delfino Plaza from Mario Kart.

  18. Mad Dog

    This is Awesome course, need to have one in the Bahamas.